Highway 9 over South Holland canal - Ontario

20 Tons of Stainless Clad Rebar (SCR) – First Project In Canada - 2000

Sturgeon River - Alberta

UMA Engineering – Award Of Excellence For Infrastructure Engineering withSCR for a “100-year Service Life Bridge Design” – 2002.

West Valley City interchange – East Bound, West Fargo, North Dakota

SCR for Superstructure & Approach Slab of Bridge – 2001.

Ashland avenue bridge – Brown County, Green Bay, Wisconsin

170 Tons of SCR for Superstructure & Abutment Parapets – 2001

Putnam Road bridge, Shenectady County – N.Y.S.

32 Tons of SCR for the Top & Bottom Mats of the Superstructure & Concrete Fascia Bridge Barriers - 2001

“During Construction the Contractor was very impressed withthe quality of the SCR & its workability during construction.

After 7 years there are no signs of deterioration. This is no small feat in our climate with the large amount of road salt applied during our harsh winters” -  P.E Provost 2008

Hydro-Electric Power Station in Nant, Scotland - UK

250 Tons of 25mm dia. SCR for a 950ft Long, High Pressure Water Tunnel - 2002

The Contractor wasvery impressed with the economics & formability of the SCR, despitethe difficult 3-segmental bar-hoop configuration required for the reinforcing structure.

Span A of B 635 of Route 460 in Campbell County - Virginia

20 Tons of Stainless Clad Rebar (SCR) – First Project In Virginia - 2002

“Because of the toughness of the cladding, no cracks or other form of damage on the cladding of the installed bars was visually observed. Thus, it is expected that the cladding will provide very good protection to the bars against corrosion. In contrast, damage to the epoxy coating was easily observed on many of the epoxy coated bars installed on the other spans despite their good condition before placement.” – Dr. G.G. Clemena Final Report 2003.

Stainless Steel-Clad Rebar

Still no corrosion after 17 years